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I  studied ballet and gymnastics as a teen.  I became a certified aerobics fitness instructor teaching High-Impact, Low-Impact, Pre-Natal, and Post-Natal fitness.  When I started taking yoga, I liked it and when I walked into the Moksha hot room over 10 years ago, I realized that is what I loved!

When I started practicing, “aha” moments came to me all the time as I journeyed on my mat. What I learn on the mat, I also take off my mat.  I began teaching hot yoga after completing my intensive one-month Moksha training in India, February 2009.  I learn equally as much teaching as I do in my practice.  I am inspired when people come to their mat.  The more I learn I realize there is so much more to learn!  It became my passion.

I am a certified Pre-Natal Yoga instructor. I have taken Yin training and Power Yoga training.  I enjoy taking workshops and sharing my joy of yoga with everyone.

My life-mate, Ernie is supportive in all that I do.  I have 4 wonderful adult children and a furry dog Radar who I love to bits.  He teaches me yoga and unconditional love daily.  I read, laugh and dance.

One of my favourite quotes: “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” ~ Antonio Smith.

I invite you to come breathe with me and perhaps even laugh in your practice.