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Brian has had a long journey that serves as testament to the benefits of goal-setting, perseverance, and self-discovery.  As a student, going from having average (at best) athletic talent to now having completed over 50 marathons and ultramarathons in the last 10 years, he will be the first to tell you that most limitations we face start within our own minds. 

Brian started running after graduation from high school as a means to keep fit and meet new people.  It took 8 weeks to complete the group’s goal of racing a 10k in London in 2004.  Brian kept running with the members of the group and a few months later celebrated his 19th birthday by completing the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon.  After a brief period of time off, he set his sights on the Around the Bay 30k Race in Hamilton.  His training continued through the winter months, braving the ice, snow, and cold temperature to get the miles in.   It was at the same race as his first 10km, that Brian would finish his first marathon exactly one year later, and his second the year after that.

Since 2005, Brian has gone on to complete marathons in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and many throughout North America.  Some highlights include the Boston, NYC, Amsterdam, the Great Wall Marathon in China, and The Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World, Florida.

While preparing for the Rio de Janeiro Marathon, as part of a Team Diabetes fundraiser, Brian started practicing hot yoga at the local Moksha Studio as a way to train for the heat of Brazil.  After adding hot yoga into his training, his marathon times started to drop significantly.  After practicing for only 4 months, his marathon time went from 3:27 to 2:56, gaining him a spot at the highly sought after Boston Marathon in 2008.

After experiencing first hand the transformative effects of yoga and how it helped him physically and mentally prepare for bigger and more challenging running goals, Brian decided to take the teacher training in India.  Brian began teaching in the summer of 2009; around the same time he started to run ultramarathons, defined as anything longer than a standard marathon.    He prefers the longer distances because they are more social and can also be more meditative late in the race.

Brian’s yoga practice and running have complemented each other and he has always been eager to share his experiences with others.  He has learned so much through injuries and mistakes in training, which he hopes not all people have to experience first hand.  He continues to learn with each class and on each run, a little bit more about himself and his body.